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Scheduling and Course Selection

Course Request Welcome

This is designed to provide access to course request materials for the 2024-2025 school year and to help students plan and make decisions for courses in their educational career plan. (ECP)

This is intended to provide information related to the course  request process at LHS. Beginning in November, School Counselors will meet with students to discuss courses for the 2024-2025 school year. In January, school counselors from Liberty High School will visit Oklahoma Road Middle School to meet with 8th grade students and guide them through the course request process.  A virtual evening program will also be available to 8th grade parents about course registrations in January to review the process.  For those missing this virtual presentation, it will be recorded and available on our website, viewable as a mp4 file.

Here you can find information for each grade level for parents and students to see all that LHS has to offer!  Please visit your student's grade level to assist in making decisions about course requests and educational planning leading to college and career readiness for each student.  

Letter to 8th Grade Parents

Dear Parents / Guardians of the class of 2028,

As we approach the midpoint of this school year, plans are already being made for next year’s schedule.  An important component of that planning is our course request process.  As a parent of an incoming 9th grade student, we believe it is important to provide a means for you to be an integral part your student’s course requests as well as their successful transition to high school.  Core academic teachers at Oklahoma Road have made course and level recommendations for students in their classes. The teacher recommendations being shared provide valuable input in making course request decisions.

Counselors from Liberty High School will visit Oklahoma Road Middle School and meet with 8th grade students in small groups.  They provide an overview of graduation requirements and direction regarding the beginning of the course request process.  As a “newcomer” to the orientation process, you are cordially invited to our 8th grade online parent information night on Thursday, January 18th beginning promptly at 6:00 pm.  This evening’s presentation will be recorded and shared on our LHS Scheduling website.  

We look forward to welcoming our incoming 9th graders (Class of 2028) to Liberty High School and working with you to plan for their success.


Mr. Kenneth J. Goncz Principal

Mrs. Meghan Brown Assistant Principal

Mr. Chris Merson Assistant Principal

From Requests to Scheduling—Frequently Asked Questions 

  • Are the course requests the classes I will be taking? Yes and no. The course requests represent the classes that students would like to take. However, there are courses requested each year that do not have sufficient requests in order to run. A majority of students receive all of the courses requested. However, there are some who need to make replacement choices or receive alternate courses.
  • Why does my student need to choose alternate courses? Alternate courses are selected so that in the event a requested course does not run or will not fit into a student’s schedule we are able to substitute a course in its place. It is important that all alternate courses are classes the student would be willing to take if scheduled.
  • How many students need to request a course for it to run? Each year we are given a number of available staff for the building. We build our schedule to maximize course offerings. If there is a significant interest and available staff we will make every effort to run a course.
  • How can I see course requests? Course requests are available in Home Access Center in mid-February.  An email alert will be sent home when course requests are available to view.
  • When will my student receive his/her schedule? Building a master schedule is a process. It takes approximately 2 months to build our school’s master schedule. Our goal is to have student schedules ready for distribution by the conclusion of the school year, but they will be available to view in Home Access Center in early August. If a schedule change is required, there is a form and only certain circumstances to honor a schedule change.
Completer Program Chart
First page of the PDF file: completerprogamchart

Course Selection Process and Timeline

Counselor Meeting with Individual Students (November - January)November - 10th grade (To meet December 1 Career and Tech application deadline),  December - 11th Grade,  January 9th grade and 8th grade 

1. Counselors meet with student and parent to develop or review the Educational Career Plan (ECP).

2.  Updated ECPs will be provided following the counselor/student/parent meeting.

3.  Course requests can be viewed on Home Access after the counselor/student/parent meeting.

Course Request Review

Parents and students will review course requests and will finalize selections.



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Class of 2028

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